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Many homeowners will opt for wooden decks, and there are many solid options for having a wood deck built on your property. From exotic Brazilian hardwoods, to pressure treated pine, we have experience installing all types of wood decking. Call us today if you are looking for a great company to design and install a wood deck for you! Having a PT wood deck with rails, posts and steps can be a quick and cheaper option that you can still get a good number of years out of, and when maintained properly can last quite awhile. 

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    Wooden Deck Contractor Manchester NH

    Nothing says tradition quite the way that a wood deck does. There is a lot of hype around composite materials, and they have many benefits for homeowners. But if your heart is determined to have a standard deck, then wood materials are really a solid option. We build wood decks in Derry, Londonderry, and many other southern NH cities.

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    A deck contractor can help you choose which wood materials are best and how each one can impact your home. Unlike composite materials, it's not easy to say that everything is mostly the same. Invite a deck builder to help you decide which options are best for you and your property. Working with your wooden deck contractor, you can plan out the wooden deck of your dreams. Use materials and design properties to boost the value and visual appeal of your home.

    Best Types of Wood for Decks and Porches

    When it comes to wood decking, you have three primary choices: redwood, pressure-treated wood, and cedar. There are specific reasons that homeowners choose these woods again and again. But for specialty woods and alternative choices, you'll need to speak with a custom deck builder.

    Pressure treated wood is the most common option because it's less expensive and widely available. Redwood is another common option, mostly because of its visual appeal. Redwood also offers superior stability, and it resists warping.

    Your local deck construction company may suggest cedar materials if you have concerns regarding pests. Cedar is a soft wood but is naturally resistant to rot and pest infestation. However, cedar is not always readily available and can be difficult to resource. ​

    Benefits of Wood Deck Installation

    A wood deck can help you boost the visual appeal of your home and increase the value of your home. But the benefit that drives many people to install a deck on their property is the ability to host parties and events.

    With even a simple deck design, you can be the best spot on the block to host a bar-b-que. With a little focus on design or thoughtfulness into dining areas, you can host major events such as weddings. ​